Start A Team

You need two things to start a team:

  1. A coach
  2. At least 5 athletes in grades 5-12

No cost is associated with starting a team.

If you are ready, simply email us and we will help you with the follow items:

  1. Creating a team name (this is up to you, but we will help if you need suggestions. Be as creative as you want!)
  2. Creating a team logo. We have a designer that will create a logo for you at no charge.
  3. Set up an information session at our nearest sponsor store or you can host an event at a location near you. A league Director will come to your event with a presentation, videos and handouts.
  4. Set up your team registration page.
  5. Set up a store for custom jerseys, shorts and jackets for your team.

If you are interested in coaching, check out our coaches pages to learn what it is all about.