Jake is currently a non-profit consultant in the areas of marketing automation, data visualization, CRMs, and data analytics. His unique blend of technology and marketing allow him to work with every clients to help define business needs and map out total solutions. Jake held senior leadership positions at Simmons College, Blackbaud and Arnold Worldwide. Jake is a graduate of the University of Vermont, a competitive cyclist and outdoor enthusiast.

Jake's goal in establishing NEHSCA is to create an organization that exposes kids to the joys of competitive cycling. He believes that from team comradely, to learning about the sustainability of our local trail system, mountain biking can teach many important life lessons and provide a life long gift to many kids.

He is a CAT 1 MTB racer, with 20 years of race experience. Jake can ofter be found on the race course each weekend in the Spring and Summer. During the Fall he enjoys cross training on the local cyclocross circuit.

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