NEHSCA designed a system to support coaches from the very start of building a team, to health, fitness, racing preparation and the social aspects. This system will be design specifically for high school aged kids and built by one of New England's top professional coaches. Each coach will be trained and certified by NEHSCA in a process that fully prepares them for all aspects of the coaching position. All coaches will be required to submit to a background check and have a current CPR and First Aid Certificate.

NEHSCA is currently looking for coaches in all areas of MA, NH and RI. If you are interested in coaching, please contact, We will work with you to match you up with a group of kids and/or other coaches in your area.

Check out the Teams page to see the current list of teams and the areas they are located in. If you see a coach in your area and want to help out with the team, you can email the coach from the team page. If nobody is coaching in your area, you can register to be a coach online now.

Need to get a background check done? Not a problem. It's quick and easy at The cost is $24.

Already signed up to coach? Check out the coaches resource page.

More Questions?

Excellent! Check out our Coaches FAQ page. Also head over to the Events page. We may have an event in your area soon where you can talk with a another coach or NEHSCA staff in person.